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🇲🇱 Mali 🇲🇱 📣 Call for experts

🇲🇱 Mali 🇲🇱 📣 Call for experts: Technical assistance for the implementation of the enterprise restructuring and upgrading program on behalf of the bureau de restructuration et de mise à niveau des entreprises on behalf of the bureau de restructuration et de mise à niveau des entreprises industrielles -BRMN.

The BBA - Belgian Bankers Academy, in consortium with AETS Afrique, has been

shortlisted for a multi-faceted technical assistance mission to support BRMN's management in promoting the competitiveness of industrial companies, particularly those in the 🥩 meat and 🐄🐂 livestock and livestock by-products sectors, through the implementation of the three components of the restructuring and upgrading program.

🇲🇱 This mission is part of the PROJET D'APPUI A LA COMPETITIVITE DE L'ECONOMIE MALIENNE - PACEM) - financed by the African Development Bank Group 🇲🇱

For further information and/or to send your CV 📧

The Belgian Bankers Academy is looking for the following profiles:

📌 Chef.fe de mission (senior technical assistant) with a general experience of at least 10 years in the field of technical assistance to private companies, including at least 05 years in a position of responsibility in the implementation of reforms in the industrial upgrading sector

📌 Financial expert with in-depth and accurate knowledge of the macroeconomic framework and productive sectors of the Malian economy.

📌 Expert.e in industrial development with at least 05 years' experience in restructuring and upgrading industrial enterprises in the sub-sector of livestock and livestock by-products, fruits, vegetables, oilseeds and cotton, textiles etc....

📌 Expert.e in international trade and competition mastering the methods and techniques of international trade and competition training, planning and multidisciplinary team management

📌 Expert in monitoring-evaluation with solid experience of setting up monitoring-evaluation systems within a public or private entity.

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