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📣 Call for experts: Study of the determinants of supply and demand for financial services with a view to improving access to credit in the Republic of Guinea 🇬🇳

BBA - Belgian Bankers Academy has been shortlisted to carry out a study aimed at identifying the structural causes of the lack of financing in the Guinean economy and formulating specific recommendations concerning the actions to be envisaged in the short, medium and long term with a view to improving access to financing (credit) in the domestic economy.

This mission is part of the PROJET D'APPUI A LA MODERNISATION DU SECTEUR FINANCIER GUINEEN - PAMSFI - for the Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea, financed by the African Development Bank Group.

For more information and/or to send your CV 📧

The Belgian Bankers Academy is looking for the following profiles:

📌 A Head of Mission specialising in monetary and financial issues, with at least a BAC+4 (Maîtrise or Master) degree in economics, management or law, and at least 10 years' experience in research and studies on the financial sector in developing countries.

📌 A Specialist in Finance, with at least a BAC+4 (Maîtrise or Master's) in economics and management, banking and finance, and at least 3 years' experience in conducting studies and research on the financial sector in developing countries

📌 An Economic and Financial Data Analyst/Statistician with at least a BAC+3 in statistics, mathematics, economics or econometrics and at least 2 years' experience in conducting statistical and/or econometric studies.

📌 A Lawyer, holding at least a BAC+3 (Bachelor's degree) in legal sciences with at least experience in conducting studies or research relating to the legal and regulatory analysis of the financial sector in a developing country

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